Essential Oils, ''Natures Gift'', are the basis of our product ranges that include Personal Care, Household Cleaning, Air freshening and Insect control. Sustainably sourced natural ingredients blended to our own formulae by ourselves are then bottled in recycled, remanufactured bottles. Harness the power of Nature - Naturally

From a small start we have now developed a range of cleaning liquids that comply to BS EN1276. That means that they have achieved the 99.999% bacteria kill rate.Our products use the best of sustainable ingredients and pure Essential Oils.
To compliment our cleaning products we have put the Essential Oils to other uses and designed a range of Insect deterrents, and odour controlling Air fresheners for use at home, office, car and grow house.
Look also at our lines massage oils, Essential oils. Choose from pre-blended oils or blend yourself.  

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